Loose Renderings

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Applications for “Loose Architectural Renderings” are varied. Techniques and styles of Loose Architectural Renderings are numerous as well, as they are adapted to the needs and functions of potential projects. Genesis Studios Inc. offers loose renderings in all of our illustration styles. Loose renderings are more “impressionistic” and generally less time consuming than renderings that are considered to be “tight” or more refined. A loose illustration is a representation of the elements within a layout and is drawn to scale and used to give an idea of the overall concept without specific details.

There are several reasons that a client might have for selecting a Loose Architectural Illustration:

1. Early Design Stages. Often we are commissioned to do a rendering based on a hand drawn site plan and perhaps photographs of the site. We may be provided with reference photographs pulled from the internet to guide us to a desired architectural treatment. Such scant information may not be substantial enough to feed into a computer, especially when a quick turnaround is demanded. Genesis Studios Inc. artists are capable of not only interpreting this preliminary information but also contributing to the design of the project if requested.

2. Noncommittal. At early stages of design, construction budgets may not be resolved. Thus whether or not details exist there may be a reluctance to be held to certain details, and materials. An “Artist’s Concept” is just that, a glimpse rather than a photograph of a vision.

3. Scheduling. There may be an imposing deadline. In this case, there may just not be enough time to produce a fully detailed finished rendering. Genesis Studios Inc. will appropriate the time we are afforded to produce the best results possible within the allotted amount of time. Scheduling may have a strong bearing on the technique selected. That is why we offer so many solutions.

4. Budget. Some clients may simply prefer a loose conceptual sketch regardless of cost. However if cost is a consideration, a loose visualization may be the answer. The levels of pricing are almost endless. Thus we can produce a product that will match your budget. A series of loose or sketchy renderings may be the best approach for a competition or when a job has not been secured.

As you can see from the various examples that one would choose loose architectural rendering, Genesis Studios Inc. skillfully addresses the requirements of each project with a technique and style to best present a project based on the amount of information available, deadline and budget. Most of the images were produced in an amazingly short period of time. We are pleased to send sketches back and forth to aid in the development of the design as it progresses. Because we can scan our artwork at a very high resolution, the final loose architectural rendering image can be blown up to a large size. This results in a dramatic and captivating image of your vision. In many cases the loose architectural image becomes a good foundation for future renderings that are more detailed when the design is more complete.