Genesis Studios Creates Rendering for Space Florida Exploration Park

Genesis Studios, Inc., recently completed a dramatic digital architectural rendering of an office building for Space Florida – Exploration Park, located right next to the The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), on Florida’s Space Coast. Exploration Park is the only place in the world with a Quadramodal Transportation Hub featuring transportation by land, air, sea and space. The complex is being developed with a strong emphasis on sustainability, rising to LEED Silver or equivalent standards. The project is a partnership between NASA and Exploration Park.

Genesis Studios worked closely with Hunton Brady Architects, Orlando and Tommy Hagood, AIA, LEED AP Associate, Project Manager. The Genesis team has worked with Hunton Brady on numerous projects. All involved parties are dedicated to professionalism, a commitment that is evident in everything they do, whether they are designing high tech office complexes, medical centers or educational facilities.

  • 414138 Digital Photorealistic Architectural Rendering of Exploration Park Rocket Launch for Space Florida

About the Rendering

This rendering depicts a rooftop restaurant where office tenants and their guests view a dusk space launch while enjoying the amenities offered. Genesis Studios’ artists were careful to keep the focus of the rendering on the building itself, even though there was a rocket launching into space in the background.

Great care was taken to accurately portray the proximity of the John F. Kennedy Space Center to the building location at Exploration Park. Various views were studied before arriving at what was considered to be the optimal view, hovering just above the heads on the people on the deck to encompass the entire deck but remaining close enough to capture the feel of being there.

A digital rendering style was selected over a watercolor rendering style to provide a more literal glimpse of the architecture. Additionally, the team achieved an artistic softness by working the lighting.

The rendering will be used for marketing purposes. Giving prospects a view at how the building will look and function, which makes leasing the space much more efficient. This efficiency is a huge advantage that comes with having a well-executed architectural rendering.

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