Why You Should Use a Domestic Architectural Rendering Company

Benefits of Domestic Architectural Rendering Firms

With so many options available for outsourcing architectural renderings, why would you use a domestic architectural rendering firm and pass up on the possible low costs of overseas outsourced renderings?

Communication. This is probably the most critical factor when selecting a firm to represent your project. You may have had the experience of working with a talented architectural renderer who just does not get it when it comes to your design intent. This problem can be compounded when your artist does not share your language. And while some overseas rendering firms advertise representatives that speak “perfect English” there are idioms and phrases you may use to express your requirements that simply do not translate.

Often times, someone from an outsourced company will not ask you to clarify when they don’t understand. Instead, you’ll find out that you were not understood once the project is well under way.

Other possible problems that come with outsourcing overseas:

  • Greatly differing time zones
  • Risk of transmitting information overseas
  • Local infrastructure (will their power go out when you have a difficult deadline?)
  • What do you do if the lines of communications break down?
  • What if your deadline does not look like it will be met, what recourse do you have?
  • If an outsourced company has missed deadlines or does not deliver as expected for other clients, how will you know it?

Avoid all these problems by choosing us, Genesis Studios, for all your architectural rendering needs.

What Makes Genesis Studios The Best Architectural Rendering Firm 

At Genesis Studios, we go the extra mile to be sure we understand exactly what you want. If we are not positive we that have grasped your intent, we’ll take a step back and discuss the issue before moving on. It’s better to be certain early on than to have to make revisions later on, wasting your time and causing unnecessary frustration.

To enhance communication between our clients and artists, we also present multiple poofs as we progress and incorporate your mark-ups as we advance with our architectural renderings.

Architectural Rendering Process 

  1. A DWG file will be used to propose multiple views of the rendering.
  2. Upon view selection, we will submit a white model for approval.
  3. Once the white model is approved, materials are added.
  4. Plants, people, and cars are then added in post-productions to complete the rendering.
  5. Once the rendering is complete and passes a final approval, a high-res and low-res image will be sent to the client.

If you would like more information about our process please click here

To bring your architectural rendering dreams to a visual reality, contact us at info@genesisstudios.com or 407-539-2606.