Dusk vs. Daytime Architectural Renderings

Dusk Exterior Architectural Renderings

When beginning an architectural rendering, there are a few things we need to know to create the best possible rendering for your project. All of the details that go into a rendering can change the entire look and feel, and the difference is like day and night… literally! 

The process of changing a rendering from day to dusk can be accomplished in many ways. Other companies may add a filter to darken a daytime illustration and be complete with the “dusk” rendering. We know to accomplish the photorealism of an environment there are many aspects of the digital rendering that need to be changed including the lighting, people, cars, activity, sky, and landscaping. 

Lighting in a Dusk Rendering

When creating a digital rendering, it is always important to think about light in the real world and how it illuminates, casts shadows, and reflects on different kinds of objects and surfaces. In daytime architectural renderings, the main light source is the sun, but at dusk, it is important to think about exterior and interior lighting fixtures. Just adding a filter will not be able to capture what the building looks like at dusk with all the exterior lights on.

Interior lighting can also be a factor in an exterior dusk rendering. We know when it is darker outside and lights are on inside, you can see into the building. This small detail can add some character to architectural renderings. It gives a sneak peek about what is going on inside the building without creating an entire interior rendering.

Dusk-Exterior Renderings

People, Cars, and Activity in an Architectural Dusk Rendering

The location and purpose of the building is a major aspect of how much activity will be going on during the day and at dusk. These kinds of details may help clients decide on a time of day for architectural renderings. For example, an isolated office building will be calmer at dusk but a restaurant in a lively city at the same time will be very busy because of how many people visit for dinner. 

The activity level of people change throughout the day, but also what they are wearing. It is no secret people dress a little more casual during the day and dress up at night when they go out. A great example of this would be a digital rendering of a pool. Obviously, during the day it would be full of life with children and adults splashing around in swimsuits. In the evening the pool would more so be a place people gather for cocktail hour, which means no children and nicer attire. 

Drivers know when the sun starts to go down, we turn our car headlights on. The headlights and brake lights on a car can change the brightness in a rendering and also allow showing activity and movement in a scene.

515165 Digital Photorealistic Architectural Renderings of 399 Freemont Pool at Dusk for UDR

Changes in Landscape for Dusk Renderings

Architectural landscaping around a building is a well thought out process to make the building look better, or in some cases, the building is already surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and bodies of water. No matter the case, the appearance changes with the presence of the sun, sky, and lights. 

When working with professional architectural landscaping, foliage is normally paired with uplighting to illuminate and protect the area at night. In dusk renderings, we depict the lights being on, so trees will be illuminated from the bottom up, which is the complete opposite of the day. 

In dusk renderings where there is a lot of natural landscape, we are sure to keep in mind the direction of the building and sunset. The light of the sun does not expand across the entire landscape during dusk, so we are sure to depict the correct amount of light on each part of the landscape in a rendering.  

Bodies of water like lakes, ponds, and the ocean reflect the light, sky, and surroundings. When the sun is up and the sky is bright blue, the water will appear this way too. When the sun is going down and it is dusk, the sky will have notes of dreamy pinks and oranges, which can be seen in the water. As you can see in the renderings below, they are all from the same resort, but the lake takes on a different color in each architectural illustration due to the time of day. 

Why Choose Genesis Studios for your Dusk Rendering

With many years of experience, we are happy to give our recommendation on whether you should decide on a dusk or daytime rendering depending on your project. If you have a project with a less formulated design, dusk could be the time of day that works best for your rendering. The minimal lighting and other lighting effects can bring attention to the developed parts and hide other details that have not been planned out yet.

Here at Genesis Studios, we are sure to put in the time and effort to create the most realistic architectural rendering for our clients. Check out more of our renderings here, and give us a call to see what we can do for your business.