Genesis Studios Renders The Parker at Maitland Station

Genesis Studios partnered with Charlan · Brock · Architects (CBA) to create photorealistic residential renderings for The Parker at Maitland Station–a multifamily community near the rendering studio’s office in Maitland.

According to CBA: “The Parker at Maitland Station Apartments is a 5-story wood frame Transit-Oriented Development with structured parking. The site is long, narrow, and challenged by inherited conditions from a previously existing pond.

We worked with our partners to salvage several steel architectural elements from the buildings previously on this site, which are now artfully integrated into the pool courtyard, linking this multifamily community to the area’s local history.”

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Residential Renderings 

Genesis Studios offers 35+ years experience in realistic house renderings. We work with our clients to complete these residential renderings in many ways, each of which offers its own advantages. The most common services requested of us for house renderings include watercolor renderings, photorealistic digital renderings and virtual reality renderings. 

Watercolor renderings are conceptual and suggestive in nature, offer a broad feel of the aesthetic and are emotionally evocative. Often, after the watercolor rendering is complete, it can be used a piece of art in the home. 

Digital renderings give a realistic vision of what the house will look like after construction. These renderings feature the flexibility to change out design materials and finishes, offering prospective clients the opportunity to “try before they buy” and truly envision the home’s final outcome. 

Virtual Reality renderings are a step above the photorealistic digital renderings. Genesis Studios recommends using 360VR renderings goggles to enhance the effect of actually standing inside the house. Even more, we’re working to create a process whereby your clients can change materials and finishes in real time while standing in a virtual rendition of their future home.

For more information on turning your architectural dreams into a visual reality, contact us at or 407-539-2606.