From Concept to Completion

River Park Town Center with DMR Architects

Genesis Studios was honored to work with DMR Architects to take their vision from conceptual, aerial watercolor rendering to detailed, photorealistic renderings — in multiple views. Check out our video that illustrates how we crafted different view angles with the architecture firm to ensure a holistic view of the exciting project.

According to DMR’s website: “DMR provided conceptual design plans to the developer of an 88 acre site in Hanover, NJ. The project also included presenting the design options to the Mayor and Council, and working with the Township and the developer to ensure the project is mutually beneficial to both parties.

DMR designed multiple town center concepts to accommodate for the vision of a mixed-use town center, with retail, restaurants, residential apartments, townhouses and an extended-stay hotel.

The presented concept includes 150,000 square feet of retail, 1,200 residential units, and a 230-room hotel; as well as an outdoor amphitheater, walking trails along the Whippany River, promenades and a train platform.”

Rendered Site Plans and Digital Photorealistic Exteriors

Read more about the components of our project with DMR Architects.

A professionally executed Rendered Site Plan is a very useful tool for marketing a development. Site Plans provide a true to scale version of a development. When creating a Site Plan rendering, we include all the following elements to bring your plan to life: shadows, delineation, topography, landscape, terrain, seasons, cars, people and more.

Our Digital Photorealistic renderings are so life like that it is hard to distinguish them from a photograph, which we accomplish  by blending artistic vision with technological precision to depict architecture that is both accurate and visually appealing. We add realistic lighting and textures in post-production, which convey the right mood. Finally, the rendering is brought to life with an appropriate entourage of cars, people, and landscaping that reflect the real setting.

For more information on turning your architectural dreams into a visual reality, contact us at or 407-539-2606.