Perkins and Will, a revised plan for Superior Colorado gained new traction.

Learn more about the mixed use at the development’s website, which features exterior digital photorealistic renderings completed by Genesis Studios.

One year after facing obstacles in their efforts to construct a life-sciences hub in Downtown Superior, developers RC Superior LLC and PMB LLC encountered fresh criticism from neighbors for their revised proposal at the same site. Initially approved in 2022, the project was halted last year due to a lawsuit and concerns over building heights, aesthetics, and market demand. Now, PMB has returned with a larger and varied plan aiming to be the final addition to Downtown Superior.

The new proposal includes two life-sciences office-laboratory buildings, parking structures, multifamily rental units, and retail spaces. This comprehensive design is a culmination of feedback received over two and a half years, addressing prior concerns with a balanced mix of uses, improved architecture, open spaces, and shorter buildings.

The life-sciences buildings will focus on accommodating commercial tenants engaged in research, medical devices, and biological data analysis. The revised plan aims to mitigate neighborhood concerns by reducing building height and the intensity of biotech activities. PMB no longer seeks an amendment to the existing plan, as they aim to align with the development guidelines initially established.

The proposed flex buildings aim to accommodate around 900 workers, seen as crucial for supporting other businesses in Downtown Superior. Retailers and business owners are eager for increased foot traffic, which the new development hopes to bring. Additionally, a residential component has been introduced, though it has faced criticism regarding its size and potential impact on the community.

PMB emphasizes the importance of this project for the financial health of Downtown Superior, highlighting its contribution to generating tax revenue needed to service existing bonds. The construction timeline is anticipated to begin in the latter half of 2024, spanning approximately two years for the life-sciences buildings and concurrent development of the residential aspect.
The developers believe this plan will energize Downtown Superior, catering to both daytime and nighttime activities and addressing various stakeholders’ concerns.

Digital Photorealistic Renderings

Genesis Studios’ digital photorealistic renderings are so lifelike they can be hard to distinguish from a photograph. Our artists accomplish this photorealism by blending artistic vision with technological precision.

Actual materials to be used in the project, such as lighting and textures, bring ideas to visual reality. In post-production, an appropriate entourage of cars, people, and landscaping are added to create the stunning final image.

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