Watercolor Renderings

Genesis Studios provides watercolor renderings for architects, developers and ad agencies.

Traditional watercolor renderings have a long history as a means of depicting architecture. With the softer application of watercolor, more is left to the viewer’s imagination than with digital photorealistic renderings. Not every detail needs to be fleshed out. There is often an emotional response that only hand-painted renderings evoke.

Behind every watercolor rendering though, there is a carefully created computer-generated perspective. The created views are sent for selection of an optimal view angle. Once a view is approved, a compositional sketch is sent to show the intended landscape and entourage.

All the pure watercolor renderings on our website were created in-house by artists trained at The Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Our digital watercolor renderings (hybrid renderings) are meant to carry on the tradition and history of hand-drawn art in architecture but with the convenience of being able to change out colors and make revisions much more easily than architectural illustrations on watercolor paper.

We are also experienced in creating conceptual renderings. Watercolor techniques are conducive to looser and less committed designs.

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Our watercolor architectural rendering experience is vast and includes projects from all around the world. We practice traditional watercolor renderings as well as digital watercolor renderings. Digital watercolor renderings combining the look and feel of watercolor, with the ease of digital revisions. We have worked with many architecture companies, builders and developers to produce watercolor renderings for many project types including commercialhealthcarehospitalityinstitutionalmulti-family housingproductsretailsenior livingsingle-family housing, and themed development.

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