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How We Work

At Genesis Studios, we request the following information and specifications:

Site Plan:
  • The general view direction marked to indicate each desired view angle
  • The preferred view(s): pedestrian eye-level, elevated eye-level, or aerial
Plans and Elevations:
  • Site plans, floor plans, building elevations, roof plans, detail sheets, landscape plans and plant schedules
  • Photos of existing conditions, special features or amenities, materials, color samples, and other supporting elements should also be provided to us
  • Time frame and deadline
  • We accept the following formats: CAD, SketchUp, Revit, 3DS Max, PDF, DWG, JPG, TIFF, and more
Style of Rendering:
  • Digital Photorealistic, Digital Watercolor, Watercolor, Pen and Ink with Watercolor, Conceptual, 2D or 3D Floor Plan, Site Plan, Elevation, Animation, 360VR or Virtual Walkthrough
  • Time of Day: dusk, daytime, or dawn
A Few Things to Know:
  • We prefer data to be provided in CAD, SketchUp or Revit.
  • If a project is in the developmental stages and requires us to do design work, additional fees may apply.
  • We can set up a shared DropBox folder for easy transmittal of information.
Requisition Forms:

The Process

  1. A DWG file will be used to propose multiple views of the rendering.
  2. Upon view selection, we will submit a white model for approval.
  3. Once the white model is approved, materials are added.
  4. Plants, people, and cars are then added in post productions to complete the rendering.
  5. Once the rendering is complete and passes a final approval, a high-res and low-res image will be sent to the client.
3D Photorealistic Architectural Renderings of Winter Park Townhome

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